We believe, we can make skaters go faster!

By constantly research for the best material in the market,

by listening to skaters,

by understanding their needs,

we design and build the perfect boots, simple, slick, elegant.

We just help skaters to fulfill their dreams.


We use innovative Nanotechnology in carbon fibre to build the most powerful, precise and fast boots. These high-cost technologies are used on critical parts of the boots for maximizing the performance, reducing weight and increasing the strength.    

Setting a new standard for your Boots.  

For our projects we are backed up by Chemical engineers with over 30 years of experience in carbon technology.  


We constantly seek innovation, in materials, ergonomics and chemistry, which provide for improvments in stifness, weight and performance, day in, day out.

Listening to skaters, understanding, delivering, is our constant mission. 

Making our product as exclusive as possible, while at all times conforming to the quality of our brand.

Discover our visionary ideas for skating and for the future; as well as the solutions with which we are already shaping the present.



From our Italian design background, the boots have their own sleek design and an unique Italian style that gives to the skater a sporty glimpse into the future.